Gay journos

LOGO’s After Elton last week ran an good piece on journalists coming out, including the stories of two of my fav people in the whole world, Manuel Gallegus from CBS and Jeffrey Kofman from ABC. You may remember Jeffrey from the 2003 “gay and Canadian” White House scandal when an effort was afoot to undermine his credibility, after he filed a controversial war report, by outing him as gay and Canadian (one tiny problem was that everyone already knew he was gay and Canadian).


“Like Gallegus, Kofman links his decision to be out with his mission as journalist. ‘I do believe that we spend a lot of our time asking people to be honest and straightforward with us. … While I don’t think a reporter’s public life should be the center of his or her work, I think at some point you can’t dodge the reality of your life and pretend you’re being honest.'”

Not only are they two of the best journalists around, but Jeffrey’s one of the nicest and smartest people I’ve ever met — not to mention a constant source of comic relief. And Manny…quite possibly the funniest person I’ve ever met…and with the best deck, which gets a shout out in my piece Romancing the Roof Deck.