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Flying low

Like every other blogger, I’m going to keep quiet for a couple days, and instead just post a few pics I like. This first one I shot a couple weeks ago on an early morning Boston to Pittsburgh flight. There were only about 12 people on the US Airways Airbus, and everyone was sound asleep when I went to snap this shot of the sun rising somewhere over upstate New York. The colours aren’t as vibrant as I remember them being that morning, but the perfect banding is what I found interesting.


This is a shot from the shores of Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont, taken this September. The towering Adirondacks on the New York side are almost unnoticeable in this photo but they really loom over the lake. It’s a stunning place.



pittsburghA brief sojourn in Steel City.  During college of the few redeeming characteristics of our close proximity to Pittsburgh was our close proximity to IKEA.  Though admittedly, we more frequently shopped at the IKEA in Burlington, Ontario, which had the extra bonus of allowing poor students to exploit the Canadian peso.

After dropping off the face of the earth after mounting an impressive renaissance,  Pittsburgh is back in the headlines thanks to its doyenne/dowager Teresa Heinz.  For every gay man, this woman is the epitome of fabulousness, Gulfstream and all.

I’m taking this trip to get the ball rolling on my first blog.  I can’t guarantee that it’ll be exciting, but I will do my best to chronicle some of my exploits.

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