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San Diego’s lame firefighters

I love a fireman as much as the next guy, but I can’t help but think a bunch of San Diego’s “finest” are really a bunch of sissies. A group of them recently sued the city for damages, claiming they were sexually harassed while driving their truck in the 2007 pride parade. Each of the aggrieved is suing for $1 million.

The men felt “humiliated, demoralized, abandoned and persecuted” at the event after being “subjected to cat-calls, hostile language and other sexually explicit acts by scantily clad parade attendees.” It must have been pretty awful! The fire chief said “the four requested critical-incident stress debriefing, or the same type of emergency counseling offered to firefighters dealing with on-the-job casualties and other grief.”


NLGJA in San Diego

Last night during the closeout of the NLGJA convention, the Canadian Tourism Commission threw a fab ending party replete with white feather boas, (gay) Mounties, and “Torontinis”: 2 ounces vodka, 1 ounce blue Curacao, and a splash of white cranberry juice — delish! Best of all, the Torontinis came dripping out of an ice sculpture in the shape of a British Columbia Orca whale. Together with Matt and Jason, we cornered the Mounties and snapped this all-feathered-out shot.


This is what trouble looks like…


Everyone’s fav girl: Yo from Vancouver…love you honey!


Brandy and Jason (not visible: the girls) showing off their perfect pearly whites.


This was my sixth NLGJA convention and it was by far the worst. And it wasn’t just the water spots on my hotel room carpet, the slow under-reno elevators, and the no-A/C exhibit hall that made it all less than appealing! It felt like the organization has had its energy sucked out of it. NLGJA was founded largely to fight for equal benefits and non-discrimination policies for gay journalists in the workplace. Now that those goals have been largely achieved, the group has moved its mission toward promoting fair and equal coverage in the media. Certainly a great goal, but there does not seem to be the same energy that was there five years ago. People have understandably become more complacent. That said, NLGJA plays a crucial role in bringing together journalists and media people of all ages and from communities of all sizes, who might not otherwise know others like them…and to me, that alone makes its annual convention worthwhile.

San Diego

I got to San Diego today, and I’m a little embarrassed to say it’s my first visit here ever. I’m reserving judgment for at least another day, until I get my bearings and explore a bit. I will say the weather sure is nice. More later…


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