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Memorial Day on North Haven

Nothing beats North Haven for Memorial Day!

The ferry ride from Rockland:


The Vinalhaven island shore:



Waterman’s Community Center:


Tartank Beach:


The for-sale Catholic Church:


My family’s barn:


Memorial Day parade:


With my niece Hannah:


Heading home on the ferry:


Summer in Maine

It’s quite truly the dog days of summer in Midcoast Maine:









Summer in Maine

It wouldn’t be summer without North Haven — my 30th year there! — and this week’s trip was nothing short of spectacular!



Saying goodbye at dawn:

Hurricane Island

One day in Maine last week, we took a boat trip to nearby Hurricane Island, a remote quarrying site that once boasted a community of 1,000 and that vanished literally overnight in the early 20th century. Its granite riches helped build some of the most impressive structures in the Northeast, including the Custom House in New York, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Suffolk County Courthouse in Boston.

View from the top:

Relics of the past:

Family time in Maine

Contrary to what one might think based on my tendencies to be a wanderlust, I do have a family and I do see them occasionally! This weekend the whole gang got together in Maine and had a great time…

My incredibly cute niece and nephew playing with their soon-to-be-eaten lobster:

My nieces:

Boys will be boys…my nephews:

With my sister-in-law in my new floppy hat:

My brother and sister-in-law:

Family time in Maine

My nieces exploring a super cool seaweed circle on the beach:

With my niece Katherine:

With my sister-in-law Sarah:

My incredibly cute niece Elsa really filling out her life jacket:

Seen around North Haven

In was another great kickoff to summer this week on North Haven…a few snaps:

At Calderwood Hall:

Calderwood Hall - North Haven, Maine

On the Thoroughfare:

Fox Islands Thoroughfare - North Haven, Maine

Memorial Fountain:

Memorial Fountain - North Haven, Maine

The famous peace sign at Waterman’s:

Waterman's Community Center - North Haven, Maine

Nebo Lodge:

Nebo Lodge - North Haven, Maine

Main Street flowers:

North Haven, Maine

More photos from North Haven

The churches of North Haven

The town of North Haven, Maine is a quirky place. There aren’t many places that boast so many churches (3) for such a small population (350) — nor many places where the churches actually change denomination depending on the season.

The tiny year-round community can support just one year-round church, the North Haven Baptist Church. In the summer, a simple clapboard Episcopal church opens its doors on the opposite side of the island, as does a century-old shingle-style Catholic church at the crest of Kent’s Hill on the way into town.

For those two months each year when droves of wealthy Bostonians and New Yorkers descend on the island (and Episcopalians outnumber Baptists by a wide margin) the Episcopalians don’t actually ever move into their own church. In fact, I’m not sure if any of the churches have ever been consecrated. Baptist parishioners head up-island, swapping spaces with the Episcopalians and leaving them to worship in the larger village Baptist church. Twice a year, the faithful join together in a union service at one or other of the churches. The Catholics host Sunday services most weeks during the height of the season.

The shingle-style Catholic Church, which was dusty and mysterious each time we would sneak into as kids, is the only local church that retains its religion all year long (even if it only opens for a few weeks each summer):


Visions of the Thoroughfare

A summer without North Haven would not be a summer…a few shots from the Fox Islands Thoroughfare during another spectacular sunset:



Celebrating the 4th in Maine

It’s not every year one gets to celebrate the 4th of July in two countries…but thanks to the wonders of modern air transport, I was able to do just that by teleporting myself from South America to Midcoast Maine in one fell swoop (well, with the help of three airlines and connections in New York and Boston)!

A mere 15 hours after stepping onto an Avianca A330 jet in Bogotá, I was snapping these shots on the ferry crossing Penobscot Bay from Rockland to North Haven. Not bad!




Happy Memorial Day!

North Haven has the neatest Memorial Day celebration. The parade may be tiny and last about two minutes (literally) but then town father David Cooper proceeds to read the names of all veterans since the Revolutionary War and you realize the gravity of the whole affair. It takes forever for David to get through every veteran of every war since 1776 — including many wars we’ve never heard of — but it is a pretty cool ceremony!



If you look closely, you can see Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank in the blue polo shirt and khakis in this shot, roughly at center!


Swooping into North Haven

I’ve passed through an airport or two in my day, but no transportation hub beats the one in my little town of North Haven. At just 1,000 feet long, this grass strip a dozen miles out to sea is the scariest — and coolest — place to land anywhere. Truth be told, even I — who has taken off and landed here a number of times — sat there at the end of the strip today, in disbelief that this tiny ribbon of grass can support flight operations.


Seen around North Haven

Random old car shots around town this holiday weekend (North Haveners are obsessed! with old cars):




Family time!

It was a great weekend here in Maine — lots of great family time with the ‘rents and the nieces and nephews.





Real estate round-up

The depression recession is doing great things for real estate availability in previously tough-to-come by places in coastal Maine. And the desperate masses are unloading homes for pennies on the dollars. In some cases, it’s a real fire sale. It’s a great time to buy — if you can convince a bank to give you a mortgage!

Over on North Haven, this Main Street gem, smack down in the center of town, is a mere $395,000. You can’t get a studio in Manhattan for that!


Real estate doesn’t come cheap over on Mount Desert Island, long the home of Maine’s grandest summer homes, but they’re a relative bargain compared to some summer towns in other states — and there are an unbelievable number on the market. Atlantique, a former Astor family place, is on the market for $5.5 million (plus $30,000 a year in taxes). It’s also available to rent for a pittance: $50,000 per month this summer. Not a bad price, if you have the right friends to split the cost. You just have to overlook the incredibly questionable decor.


Over on Islesboro, where you can hobnob with residents like Kirstie Alley and John Travolta (not that you would, but you could), the Tiffany Cottage is available for $4.75 million. Like Maine’s other island summer colonies, there seems to be a lot up for sale on Islesboro this year. Check out all that frontage!



My little town in Maine is the cutest. N’est pas?


Big bugs

I’m no fan of bugs, but tonight I caught a few great shots of a hummingbird-like moth up in Maine. It was well past dark when I caught little sucker, thanks to modern flash photography. Look how huge!




I had been warned yesterday that the fog in Maine might be thick as pea soup today. I don’t worry about these trivial things. So this morning I got up at 5:30 a.m., schlepped to LaGuardia, and got my butt on the 7 a.m. Shuttle to Boston where I connected to a flight to Maine. That flight unexpectedly terminated in our fair state’s capital of Disgusta (nee Augusta) because my little airport in Rockland was fogged in. And so fogged in at that! Luckily, by the time I made it to North Haven later in the day, the fog had lifted a wee bit and was as romantic as my shot below reveals!


Here I am on the ferry, looking glum and unshaven!


Shingles rock

There is nothing quite like a big old summer house in Maine. I am obsessed with shingle style “cottages”! Below are some of my favs from my town in Maine (including one hot clapboard home).







America’s day

Happy Fourth to all! It’s gorgeous up here in Maine, where today I shall endeavour to retain my crown as the winner of the annual Fun Run on North Haven. (It’s not hard to win when it’s only 1 1/2 miles — this is my kind of race!)


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