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Flying Singapore Airlines

Over the holidays I had a chance to fly Singapore Airlines on the A380 between New York and Frankfurt and it was nothing short of spectacular.





JFK-Frankfurt meal service:






Frankfurt Airport:




Frankfurt-JFK meal service:






Flying Air France HOP!

I had a chance to fly the new Air France regional brand HOP! between Frankfurt and Paris this week. The Crew was excellent (better than my experiences with Air France mainline) and it was a nice change to board the E190 old-school style via air stairs.

Boarding at Frankfurt Airport:



Inflight service:


Terminal 2F at Paris-Charles de Gaulle:


Flying Lufthansa 747-8

Last week I had a chance to fly Lufthansa’s new 747-8 for the first time between New York and Frankfurt. It was an incredibly quiet, smooth ride and the service was excellent. On my return, I had a long layover in Frankfurt after connecting from Nice, so I had a chance to check out the huge Z Concourse Lufthansa Business Lounge.

Lufthansa Lounge at JFK:




Main deck of the 747-8:


Upper deck of the 747-8:


Late night JFK-FRA supper service in business class:





Lufthansa Lounge at FRA Z Concourse:





Plane-shaped gummy bears:


Dinner service, FRA-JFK business class:







Flying Brussels Airlines, JFK-BRU

This week I had my first chance to fly Brussels Airlines, the reincarnated Sabena. The service was superb and the food was actually quite good.









A very nice pre-landing gift:


The A330 cabin at arrival in Brussels:


Cathay Pacific: Singapore-New York

Asia is pretty great, but the journey is pretty damn spectacular, too — so long as you get to enjoy a great airline like Cathay Pacific. I was rather miffed when my 16-hour nonstop flight from Hong Kong to JFK in New York only lasted 14 1/2 hours!











Marrakech International Airport

After arriving into Marrakech from Paris on Royal Air Maroc, I was greeted with this terrific weather and a fantastic terminal:



Cathay Pacific New York/Singapore

My love affair with Cathay Pacific was only made stronger with my trip with this week, flying New York-Vancouver-Hong Kong-Singapore, and then back Singapore-Hong Kong-New York (on their marathon 15 1/2 hour HKG-JFK nonstop, which was simply amazing).

Approaching Changi Airport, over Indonesia, with Singapore Strait at center and Singapore on the horizon:


No trip would be complete without getting photo evidence of everything I ate:









The sublime noodle bar at The Wing, one of Cathay’s lounges at Hong Kong International Airport, where I just had to try every option on the menu:




Flying British Airways New York – Abu Dhabi

My friends know no trip is complete without me documenting the meal service…

Pre-flight dinner in the British Airways Lounge at JFK:

Dinner JFK-London:

Lunch on London – Abu Dhabi (complete with bright beetroot hummus):

London – New York breakfast:

From one 747-400 to another on a rainy morning at Heathrow:

Abu Dhabi International Airport:

British Airways JFK-LHR-JFK

My obligatory meal shots from flying with British Airways this week:

JFK-LHR 747:

LHR-JFK 777:

Flying Icelandair

Yesterday I flew Icelandair from Paris-Reykjavik-New York (Why not? Air France was full and transiting via a rock in the North Atlantic makes for a fun story!). It turned out to be a blast!

Here’s their 757 Saga Class cabin:

CDG-KEF routing:

Lunch service CDG-KEF:

Approaching Keflavik Airport:

Keflavik Airport:

Keflavik Airport Saga Lounge:

Local treats in the lounge:

Appetizer from KEF-JFK:

Dinner service, KEF-JFK:

Flying Qatar Airways

I love Gulf airlines and this trip opted for Qatar Airways for my trip from New York to Thailand and Vietnam. Added bonus: Qatar has fifth freedom rights to fly passengers between Bangkok and Hanoi, and I jumped aboard that quick 90-minute hop. Quite simply, it was spectacular. The airline far exceeds the experience its “World’s 5 Star Airline” slogan promises.

Doha Airport:

Doha main terminal lounge:

Doha Premium Terminal:


Incredible staff:

Lovely food:

My first A380 flight!

I decided to go the long way around to Madrid this weekend: on Lufthansa, via Frankfurt, so I could fly the A380 for the first time. Back in December I’d been on the aircraft during a tour at JFK last, but I never took off until now!

The aircraft was amazing! The two features that stuck out most: the massive windows and the perfect silence, even when taking off. You could probably sleep right through it and never know you’re airborne.

Soaring over the cloud cover of Europe, as seen from the tail-mounted camera:

When we walked off the plane in Frankfurt, everyone stopped to look back in amazement. Everyone, it seemed, had their camera phones out to snap a picture of this feat of engineering!

Best airline meals of 2010

I actually love airline meals. It’s true! There is something about getting a restaurant-quality meal served in a metal tube barreling through the sky at 600 mile per hour that really appeals to me. I’ve flown about 100,000 miles this year and unquestionably the best catering I had on all those flights and all those carriers goes to Turkish Airlines. They’ve really improved — when I first flew them in 2008 the food was nowhere near the quality it is today. Big kudos to THY!

Best short haul meal: Turkish Airlines, Istanbul – Cairo. A quick 750-mile flight across the Mediterranean with multiple, beautiful courses (Turkish appetizers; stuffed zucchini; filet mignon and chicken medallion with mustard and curry sauce), and great wine. I’ll never forget this meal: I was still drinking wine as we touched down at Cairo International Airport. Fortunately I was wearing a black suit because I had to protect it from spillage!

Best medium haul meal: Cathay Pacific, Vancouver – New York. Hong Kong style chicken curry with steamed jasmine rice and kailan. Cathay nails the food. The only problem is this red-eye is so short that you feel a need to woof all the delicious food down too quickly so you can head to bed.

Best long haul meal: Lufthansa, Frankfurt – New York. Despite its appearance, this meal was actually really delicious. Beef goulash with root vegetables and herb SpƤtzle.

And you knew there had to be a worst, which goes to this rubbery breakfast on Air Canada’s Newark – Vancouver nonstop. It’s too bad, because among North American airlines they usually have some of the best food. Let’s face it: breakfast is tough (though Turkish seems have it figured out both in-flight and in their lounge!).

What meals did you have and enjoy – or not?

Emirates A380

The other night I had the supreme pleasure of getting onboard the A380 for the first time, with a tour courtesy of Emirates. The plane is not to be believed, and Emirates has it pimped out beautifully. Here are a few shots from onboard the impressive aircraft:

Tending the upper deck bar:

Upper deck business class – seemed as big as a football field:

The crazy first class suites:

The first class shower – there are two of these at the front of the cabin. Customers are entitled to five minutes of water and 30 minutes in the bathroom in total. A flight attendant told me that the plane is staffed with two crewmembers whose sole job is to maintain these bathrooms:

JetBlue’s brilliant new vids

I love, love, love the hidden camera online videos from JetBlue’s new marketing campaign:

More videos here

Cathay Pacific party!

Flying doesn’t get much better than Cathay Pacific, the only airline I spend more time on than JetBlue, thanks to their daily JFK – Vancouver flight which is perfect to supporting the life of the Vanyorker. So I was thrilled to attend a party they hosted the other night at the Madison Avenue outpost of Shanghai Tang, the Hong Kong retailer that makes Cathay’s first class pajamas (not to mention some of the most fabulous leather goods). Great champagne, great company, a great fashion show!

Munich takeoff

Takeoff for JFK from Munich. What lush scenery!

Lufthansa lunch:

Over the Gulf Islands

Aboard WestJet, flying from San Francisco to Vancouver.



Spent Friday afternoon with Pam Ann aboard JetBlue’s JetPride flight from San Francisco to Long Beach. To say that it was the best flight of my life would be an understatement…more to come!


“5A and B. Yeah, you’ve got a good view of the engine. And you can see the volcano when we go over it.”

“OK, we’re going to be boarding from Rows 1A to 1C. And I’ll have the gays wearing Armani and Abercrombie Fitch first.”

“We’re currently flying at 35,000 feet. For those of you on the left if you look outside you can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge. For those on the right, you can see Islamabad.”

One damn good beer!

I don’t usually write about beer, but… The other day I flew Virgin America from San Francisco to New York, and tapped (literally) into RED, their seatback ordering system, for a beer on my afternoon flight. The variety I wanted wasn’t available, so the flight attendant substituted with Black Star Beer. I was disappointed that my choice wasn’t available until I cracked open the can — it turned out to be a truly fabulous brew from Montana. Highly recommend it! Four cans later…I was home.

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